The Claro Group provides financial advisory, risk analysis and financial modeling to BKAM’s core team. They deliver analytics and solutions in high-stakes litigation, insurance claims and government contracts.

The Claro Group’s Disputes, Claims and Investigations Consulting Practice is home to more than 60 professionals dedicated to providing high quality services and is underpinned by deep expertise assisting clients across a diverse range of industries prepare for and resolve complex financial disputes, claims and litigation.

BKAM’s strategic relationship with The Claro Group makes possible independent damage analysis and expert opinions on a wide variety of business and legal issues pertaining to economic and litigation matters. The two firms have worked together for more than two decades.

DOAR is a global legal strategy firm providing consulting and testifying experts and litigation strategists in high-stakes, complex regulatory, civil and criminal legal disputes. DOAR advises law firms, corporations and individuals involved in antitrust, employment, intellectual property, international, securities, and white-collar criminal disputes around the world.

DOAR tests and develops litigation strategies using research, visuals and technology and provides academic, industry and subject matter experts to help our clients advance their case toward a positive outcome. With offices in Manhattan and Los Angeles, DOAR has been involved over the past 25 years in many complex, high profile legal disputes.

The size and complexity of the litigation that DOAR supports requires creative financing options. DOAR has partnered with BKAM to offer its clients access to BKAM’s experienced management team and customized financing solutions while providing BKAM access to DOAR’s litigation strategists and subject matter experts.